Promax UK - The AI Series: An Introduction

Unless you’re from a galaxy far, far away it’s hard not to notice the explosive growth of AI into the mainstream, our everyday work scene, everywhere all at once. The world of AI is vast, unchartered, exciting and full of possibilities but also incredibly complex.

So where does one start and how does one begin to explore, and keep up with, something so vast - that's evolving so rapidly - as to be a little overwhelming sometimes? How can we utilise AI to enhance our creativity and productivity. And how much do we need to embrace and immerse ourselves, in all things AI, without feeling like we’ve lost something that's unique to what it means to be human.

Unique to our workshop will be the panel’s focus on the application and relevance of AI to the Broadcasting industry, specifically the fields of Creative, Design, Marketing and Production. 

All details for the AI workshop are in this brochure.

Previous events


Promax founded

Promax is established as a non-profit association for promotion and marketing professionals working in broadcast media.



The UK's first conference takes place in Glasgow. It is an immediate success and plans are made to make it an annual event

Person holding grape fruit



A second equally successful conference is held in Leeds. Plans are hatched to incorporate an awards ceremony

1994 - 2000

Royal Lancaster Hotel, London

The conference and awards ceremony begins in earnest.

2001 -2008

The Awards - Grovesnor House Hotel, London

The conference continues on at the Royal Lancaster Hotel but the awards switch to Grovesnor House Hotel, it's home for the next 8 years


The Conference - QEII & The Mermaid Theatre

The conference begins a new life at the QEII Conference Centre before moving to the Mermaid theatre in 2006.


A new beginning

The awards move to a familiar home and it's longest running, The Hilton Park Lane, a venue that it will occupy for 10 years. Meanwhile the conference moves to Vinopolis, Borough Market.


The Conference - Various

The conference rotates between various locations including Gloucester Millenium, the Royal Institution, the British Film Institute and it's final iteration in it's current state Here East


Training & Events

A shift in approach to training and industry eductaion with a series of courses launched aimed at all levels and a new annual event launched around International Women's Day.


Covid - Online Awards

With the pandemic came a shift in working and like other awards ceremony a shift online. 2 years of virtual awards ensued.


The Guildhall

The awards are re-launched with a new 'deconstructed awards' approach at a new home at the Guildhall.



A new location TBA!!!!