Practical AI Series
#1 Ideation and Scripting

Wed 20th March 16:00-17:30 online

We know you've seen enough AI-generated "art" and random AI videos flooding your feeds, and perhaps you're wondering, "How does any of this fit into my everyday projects?" That's exactly where "Practical AI Mastery" comes in.

Our series is designed to move beyond the experimental phase and show how AI can genuinely enhance your work, respond to specific briefs, and help solve actual creative challenges – all whilst maintaining your own creative vision.

Learn how to harness AI tools, such as ChatGPT, to revolutionise your creative ideation and scripting. This module dispels the notion that AI content lacks originality, providing you with strategies to craft fresh, distinctive concepts that stand out and are pitch-ready. You'll also master the art of fine-tuning these ideas into engaging and polished scripts.

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ai Editing

The world of AI is moving so fast it can be hard to keep up.  Fortunately we've lined up a leading editor who utilizes the latest technology to get the very best from his edits. We expect this course to be VERY popular so please reserve your place now.

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