the tin cans

The Tin Cans are a new initiative aimed at offering people at every level and from any discipline the chance to shine.

A chance to harness your core creativity where it's a simple shoot out. BEST IDEA WINS.

We'll be releasing 3 categories in October based on different themes.

Keep your eyes on our socials and thanks to our sponsors who made this initiative possible.

Tin Cans Update

BMG is a new kind of music company offering the very best creative support and providing the best access to platforms and work hard to maximize the value of each

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Tin Cans Update

Is there an area of expertise that you'd really like to see Promax UK bring their experience to?  Then let us know.  We're always looking for suggestions so please drop us a line.

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Tin Cans Update

We're looking for people to offer their expertise (and advertise their skills...).  Up for a bit of shameless self-promotion and happy to pass on a few skills and ideas.  Then in get touch below.

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